MITM 2015 – Day 5

I grabbed some breakfast at the hotel, got caffeinated, and packed the bike up for the last time on the MITM 2015 trip. I headed out down the highway, stopping at Old Fort Harley Davidson in Fort Smith to pick up a shirt. With that side trip taken care of, I was back on the highway heading for home. I know I sound like a broken record, but it really was an uneventful ride. The temperature came up as I progressed south, allowing me to remove a few layers and get more comfortable. I started getting a little zoned out listening to the podcasts, so I switched over to some of my music and did a lot better. I rolled in to the house at around 3 PM, having put 1837 miles on the bike.

This was the first long road trip on the Road Glide, and I think it’s a winner. There are definitely some things I’m going to have to change and add to it, but the basic platform is a winner. I’m going to have to add a Tour-Pak soon, as I’m really missing that extra storage space. In addition to that, the XM module needs to be added to the Boom! infotainment system because I don’t know that I can live on the same songs day in and day out. I’m also thinking about replacing the windshield with a taller one. It’s just a smidge too short, with the top two inches of my helmet getting some buffeting. I know I was initially a little down on the stock seat, but it might not need to be replaced as soon as I thought. My butt held up really well. It’s definitely on the list, but it’s a bit lower than I’d originally thought.