More ICR Points And Pie

I didn’t get as early a start as I would have liked, but I was rolling by 9:00 this morning, heading south and west of Dallas/Fort Worth to pick up some more points.  The first stop was Cresson, where I snapped a shot of the post office.  From there I went on to Granbury to find Jesse James’s grave in the old city cemetery.  It was down some gravel/dirt roads, but nothing too difficult.  I’m not sure if it’s really him, but the marker is there.  After that it was off to Tolar to get a picture of the Windmill Farm bed and breakfast.  They’ve got a great view of the Hill Country there!  Next on the list was the Greenwood Saloon in Bluff Dale.  It looks like an interesting place to be at on a Saturday night.  I goofed setting the waypoint for it, confusing the north and south sides of town, but got that sorted out quickly.  I then stopped off at the Hard Eight BBQ in Stephenville, where I got a good whiff of smoke as they were firing up the smokers while I was taking the required picture.  Multiple points in Dublin were next, including the Dr. Pepper plant and Doc’s Soda Shop, where I enjoyed some real Dr. Pepper (sugar, not corn syrup).  Then a quick detour over to De Leon to get a picture of the Terrill Antique Car Museum before heading back to Hico to meet Heather for lunch at the Koffee Kup.  Lunch was good but the pie was better.  I had the key lime and Heather had the peanut butter cup pie.  Finally, a picture of the Billy The Kid statue in Hico finished off the to-do list.  We then worked to outrun the thunderstorms brewing up as we headed home.  We just got sprinkled on a little, nothing serious, and pulled in just after 5:00 PM.