New Mexico Trip: Day 2

We hit the road early, heading for White Sands and then Las Cruces.  The road from Artesia to Las Cruces was great, in fact I’m planning on heading back on the BMW to ride it.  We got in to White Sands and spent some time driving around and climbing the dunes.  It was a very alien place, but a lot of fun.  I’d like to head back some time to check out the lake, but the tours are limited.

After that we got on the road to Las Cruces to get some lunch and meet up with a couple friends from church who have moved out to west Texas and were spending a weekend in New Mexico as well.  Lunch was at La Posta, and it was delicious, if a bit touristy.  After that we wandered around doing a little shopping, and then headed over to the Las Cruces Brewing Company to meet up with another church member who was out there working and some of Heather’s co-workers from when she lived there.  The beers were great, with a few pitchers of red ale and their pale ale consumed around the table.  Sadly, we had to head back to Artesia, a 3-ish hour drive, but good times were had by all.