New jacket

I stopped by Moto Liberty today to look for a new cold weather jacket. The zipper on my current leather jacket, which I’ve had for somewhere around 6 years, has given up the ghost, and won’t stay zipped for the bottom 5 inches. So I started looking at Joe Rocket’s winter offerings since I’ve already got a summer jacket from them, and had pretty much made up my mind about my purchase. The only thing was that I didn’t want to buy the jacket on-line without being able to try it on first. So I started calling around to local dealers and got Matt West over at Moto Liberty who convinced me to come in and look around. I did, and I found a Fieldsheer textile jacket with armor and a nice warm liner on closeout for just a little more than it would have cost to get all of the repairs on my old jacket done. Now I can start riding again!

If you’re looking for some gear, I’d strongly suggest that you check out Moto Liberty, they treated me right and the price was certainly reasonable.