Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

I got to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie today, at the Harkins theater over in Southlake. The Ciné Capri is, without a doubt, the best place to see a movie in the DFW area. The screen and soundsystem are just incredible.

So, on to the movie. Don’t expect to go see it if you don’t have the goings on from the first one clear in your mind. There is almost no recapping done, so you’ll be lost. It was a fun movie, and a little longer than usual for recent Hollywood fare. It definitely left everything open to the forthcoming sequel as well.

Jack Sparrow’s gotten himself in another mess, this time with a debt to Davy Jones which he’s trying to avoid being called in. Dodging cannibals, giant squids, and crewmen turned sea creatures keeps the action lively and the movie’s pace flowing nicely.

And make sure you stick around for the credits, there’s more fun when they’re done.