PST First Light

The new PST came in today and I had a good opportunity to take it out before I left work. All I can say is that I’m extremely impressed. The case is solidly made with space for the tripod legs and cut out sections of foam for storing it with the tripod attached to the body. It’s got a sun finder built in so it’s pretty easy to align on the sun, though you do have to do a little tweaking to fine tune it. The supplied 12mm Kellner eyepiece provides pretty decent views but I’m going to try a couple others this weekend.

This is the first time I’ve seen an H-alpha image other than JPEGs on the internet and am totally blown away. Actually being able to see prominences is amazing. It’s too bad we’re on the down side of the solar cycle, but there’s a sunspot that will hopefully show something a little more interesting when it rotates off.

I’m going to try attaching the 35mm and the LPI this weekend and see if I can get some photos.