Reese’s Birthday Trip – Day 9

Reese, Heather, and I went in to Pigeon Forge to ride some go-carts. Thanks to Aunt Sandy, we had some free passes to use up, enough for two races for each of us. Reese smoked us totally on the first one, which he really enjoyed. He then wanted to do one of the other rides, a trampoline like thing where he was hooked up to rubber bands to help him jump even higher. He caught some really good air, but didn’t quite have the concept of flips down. He could do them, but couldn’t quite get himself straightened out before landing. The guy running the ride was great, he really worked with Reese and kept him up there for a lot longer than I expected. We both shot some video of him, and I’ll get around to posting it at some point. After that, we did our second race on the go-carts and then went inside to enjoy some air conditioning and play some skee ball. Between the three of us we got enough tickets for Reese to bring home a hackey sack.

We then headed back to the lake, had some great food for dinner, set off the last of our fireworks, and packed up to head out in the morning.