Riding To Houston

I packed the bike up for the first somewhat decent distance ride, from Lewisville to Houston. The ride was great, if a little on the hot side. There is a disadvantage to that full fairing in that I don’t have the airflow I did with the Sportster, so the heat was an issue. Other than that the bike performed wonderfully. I averaged about 48 mpg over the entire trip, with most of the cruising in the 80 – 85 mph range. In fact, lets call that a second disadvantage to this bike, if I’m not careful I’m going to be spending a lot on speeding tickets!

I went down I-45 to Madisonville and then hopped on TX90 over to Anderson where I picked up FM149 which goes through the Sam Houston National Forest. The road was suitably twisty, which made the ride through the forest a lot of fun.

I got stuck in a little traffic in Magnolia and Waller, but after that no problems.

I think that the first upgrade is going to be a better seat though. This one was good for about 300 miles, and the last 50 or so were not as much fun as they could have been. Definitely going to have to get a long distance seat!