Road Trip Day 9

The rain arrived overnight, and I’m really glad that I went in on a cabin because I’m about done with tent camping in the rain. We had a few more stragglers arrive today, but for the most part everyone’s here. Because of the rain I again passed up the trip to the factory. I’ve already been on the tour once and really don’t like crowds all that much anyways.

The rain cleared out in the afternoon, just in time for Sam’s excellent brisket and the raffle and auction. I won a Nallin polo and a baseball cap in the raffle and a braided steel rear brake line. Unfortunately I can’t use the brake line because it’s for a 2000 model only, so if anyone with a 2000 Sportster wants one, pick up one for a 1997 and I’ll pay shipping both ways.

I’ve decided to do the last leg, the trip home, in one day instead of two, so I’m calling it a night early so that I’ll be rested tomorrow.