Scarborough Faire

Heather, Reese, and I made our way down to Scarborough Faire for a day of fun.  The heat started building earlier than expected, but we got a lot of stuff in before getting beat down.  Reese loved the birds of prey show put on by Last Chance Forever, a raptor rescue organization.  From there we did a little shopping and then caught the glassblowing demonstration done by Andres and Chapman.  Afterwords we got some lunch and caught some of the jousting before heading to see Arsene Dupin‘s show.  He does a mime/magic act that was really hilarious.  Next up was some more shopping and getting Reese a coin made.  We booked over to catch the turtle races, on Reese’s insistence.  On the way over, we heard the closing bit of Kashmir and took a short detour to pick up a copy of Wine and Alchemy‘s CD.  After the turtle races we made our way back to the exit and headed back home.