Some Range Time With Reese

Reese and I went down to the range to try out that Rossi .22 rifle today and had a blast (pun intended). The sites were out of adjustment, but a little tweaking got that sorted out nicely. He was hitting the steels pretty consistently and we were able to start working on fine tuning grip and stance a little more. The rifle is great! It’s a youth sized gun, so no fitment problems, and easy to operate. We had some misfires, but I’m blaming that on the cheap .22 ammo, not the gun. In all cases save one, cocking the hammer and firing again did the trick. That one was just not going to go off, and the primer area had a nice hard strike. We’re definitely giving it two thumbs up!

Shooting the Rossi .22

Reese shooting the Rossi .22

One thought on “Some Range Time With Reese

  1. I am having blast reading your material. I just build a base for my 8″ reflector telescope my son Alejandro loves looking at the moon, stars and planets.



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