Starting The Raised Bed Garden

The raised bed garden has been started. Mike and I went up to Home Depot today to pick up the building supplies for it. Here’s the shopping list.

  • 7 10″x12″x10′ boards
  • 12 L-straps
  • 8 straight straps
  • 12 pieces of rebar
  • Screws to fasten the straps to the boards
  • Also pick up some waterproofing stain and brushes

The basic plan is to cut one of the boards in half, using those as the narrow sides of the garden. It will end up being 5’x20′ but there will be a lane down the middle so that it’s easy to walk down, no hard reaching in from the sides to the middle. The rebar is to be pounded into the ground to secure all of the joints so that they won’t buckle with the weight of the soil.