Taking The Sparrow Out For A Spin

I got up at the butt crack of dawn and dodged showers over to the Dallas Pistol Club to give the SilencerCo Sparrow a try. This was my first trip to the range with it, so I set up a testing regimen to be sure everything was in working order. First was two magazines of standard velocity .22 to verify that the pistol was in good working order. Then I ran two magazines of subsonic through it to make sure that the action would cycle. No problems were experienced. After that I removed the thread protector and installed the suppressor and then ran a couple magazines of the subsonic ammo through. I was pleasantly surprised at just how quiet AND noisy it was. There was literally no report, but the action cycling was louder than I’d though, as was the sound of the bullet hitting the steel target. The pistol, a Ruger MkII, continued to feed and cycle without issue. I also ran a couple magazines of the standard .22 through, and while it was a bit louder, it was still comfortable without any hearing protection. Here’s a YouTube video of me running a couple magazines of the subsonic ammo through it.