The New Feeder Is Here

I got home from work to find the new feeder on my front step. It’s definitely bigger than my old one was, and looks to be a lot sturdier. I ordered the medium sized one because, even though they’re on diet/light food, two Maine Coons eat a bit more than a pair of average sized cats would. The medium sized one comes with a whip to stir the food as it’s dispensing as well, which was a nice feature.

Now on to the details. Unlike the last one, this one dispenses using an auger so there are less things to go wrong. The downside to that method is that you’ve got to figure out how long to run the auger for in order to dispense the amount you want. The estimate in the manual was just a little bit off, and with two trial runs I got it down to the correct amount of time. The timer on this one is pretty full featured. You can set up to eight dispenses per day, dispensing different amounts of food for each one of them. That alone makes this thing worth the money.

So if you’re looking for a pet food dispenser that’s a little better than what I’ve seen in the pet stores, head on over to and see what they’ve got to offer. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.