Tool Chest Project – Part 1

I’ve had a Sun StorEdge cabinet sitting in the garage for a while now and finally got around to making it into a tool chest. The first part of the fun was stripping everything StorEdge out of it: fiber, power cables, PDUs, fiber switches, GBICs, and all of the mounting hardware for the D1000/A1000 trays.

Once it was stripped I could get some accurate measurements for what the shelves will be. It looks like they’re going to be 18″x34″ and I’m spacing them about 20U apart, so I’ll have 6 shelves.

As of now they’re all cut, three (four if you count the one on the bottom) are mounted, and I’ve got to run out to Home Depot to pick up some more angle brackets for the other two shelves and some peg board for the inside of the door.