TrustedQSL on Fedora Core 4 x86_64

Getting this to compile was a little tough. There’s a few things to do in order to build it.

First, in tqsllib and TrustedQSL, you’ll need to edit the ‘configure’ scripts in both directories. In each one you’ll need to change the library paths for zlib, expat, and libcrypto from lib to lib64 in the checkzlibdir, checkexpatdir, and checkssldir functions.

The bigger problem is in the TrustedQSL package. There’s a couple lines of code in crqwiz.cpp that don’t play nice with 64 bit compilers. Use this diff to patch the crqwiz.cpp file. After that it’ll build and run just fine.

I’ve signed and submitted a file and LoTW parsed it successfully with this patch applied to tqsllib-2.0 and TrustedQSL-1.11.