Tyler’s Taproom

Second night in Raleigh, finally got out to a decent brewpub. Since last night turned out to be a bust, I was really looking forward to this. After finishing work, I headed back to the hotel, changed clothes, and went over to Raleigh to visit Tyler’s Taproom. It’s a pretty good sized restaurant/bar, with ample seating, a great staff, delicious food, and way too many beers on tap. I had the pulled pork sandwich with garlic fries for dinner, both of which were fantastic! Since it was pint night, I ordered an Allagash White so that I could bring home another beer glass. Very tasty brew, it’s making me want to start in on brewing some Belgians at home. I also had another Belgian style beer, Mystery Brewing Company‘s Evangeline, also very well done. This place is definitely on my revisit list, and if you’re in the area you owe it to yourself to check it out.