UPS Follies

So I’ve got this APC SmartUPS 700RM that I’m wanting to use instead of the APC BackUPS 350 that I’m currently using. The SmartUPS is better all around, with better communication, longer battery lift, better power filtering, etc. I did a battery test on it yesterday and it failed miserably. The darned thing wouldn’t stay on the inverter for more than about 1 second. So I pulled the batteries and checked them with a meter. One’s showing 11.3V and the other’s showing 12.4V. Can you say dead batteries.

No big deal, I figure I’ll just head down to Fry’s. I didn’t realize it was western Easter until I got there and the parking lot was empty. D’oh! It looks like I’ll be picking them up tomorrow. I’m just wanting to get this thing in place before our lovely severe weather season starts knocking out power left and right.