Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition II Epic Fail

As part of the laptop to desktop transition, I wanted more storage for the Mac Mini, but I wanted some redundancy, so I picked up a Western Digital MyBook Studio Edition II. It came in yesterday after a bobble with FedEx on Friday. Seriously, FedEx, if the package is shipped to a residential address and requires a signature, 10:30 AM on a work day pretty much guarantees that you’re going to be coming back out. That being said, I am very impressed with the fit and finish of the actual device. It looks good, is very quiet, and was easy to set up.

And that’s where the wheels came off. I couldn’t keep the finder stable with the raid manager running, so I uninstalled it. It then started playing nice, or at least I thought so. Until I checked the overnight SuperDuper! backup. It failed because the MyBook nuked the entire FireWire bus. So at that point I yanked it, installed it on the HTPC via eSATA, changed it to RAID 0, and started a backup of my DVD library (all 4 terabytes of it). It did all of that without a hitch, so it’s going to stay attached there so that I’ve got a backup copy of months of DVD and BluRay ripping.

Oh, and I’ve got a Newer Tech Guardian Maximus on order for more storage for the Mini. It should be in on Wednesday.