2010 Road Trip – Day 12

It was a good thing that I stopped in Fernley last night. I re-read the Loneliest Road challenge rules and it turns out I needed to get a stamp from there. So I went down to the chamber of commerce’s office, picked up my survival guide, and got it stamped. They also gave me an audio tour on CD, but unfortunately between the netbook and the bike I don’t have anything that can read it.

I topped off the tank, not taking any chances, and rolled on down US-50 to Fallon. In Fallon I found the local UPS store and shipped my camping gear back. That removed a nice bit of weight from the bike! The UPS store stamped my survival guide for Fallon. Another splash of fuel, a refill of the hydration backpack, and I’m on the road for Austin.

This leg was where the signs of civilization started to disappear. Even the power lines weren’t there for part of it. It was really peaceful being the only human around for miles. But it had to end, and I arrived in Austin where I topped the tank off and got that stamp added to my growing collection. I also grabbed a bite to eat there as well.

With tank and belly full, I pressed on to Eureka. I think this was the toughest part of the ride, because between the full puppy syndrome and the monotonous riding, it was tough to stay awake. I managed though and once in Eureka I got some more fuel, another stamp for the guide, and some much appreciated caffeine.

Leaving Eureka I was on the way to Ely, the last of the five big towns on that stretch of US-50. The ride was a lot more interesting, with more twists and turns and more varied scenery than before. I made it in to Ely with no issues, got my guide stamped, topped the tank off, and pointed the bike towards Utah.

I got to my chosen stopping point, Delta, UT, a little later than I would have liked, but there was a room available so it’s all good. With the bike unloaded and my check-in phone calls done, I grabbed a bite to eat and then turned in. Tomorrow should be a fun day’s riding…