2010 Road Trip – Day 13

Today was originally supposed to be a shorter day, but I added in a stop at Natural Bridges National Monument which brought my route up to about 400 miles.

It was well worth it, but I’m getting ahead of myself. The first planned stop was at Capitol Reef National Park, and while on the way there I hit a new trip-altitude record of 8,385 feet. Capitol Reef was beautiful, with many stunning views of weathered mesas, cliffs, buttes, etc. composed of red, grey, yellow, and white rock. The ride through the park was great, and I stopped in many places to take pictures.

From there I rode over to Natural Bridges, but passed through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on the way there. It was, also, amazing. Words, especially ones from someone who is not a writer, don’t do it justice. The roads, winding through canyons of red rock, are amazing motorcycling roads. I hadn’t planned on seeing this and am definitely glad I had the opportunity.

After leaving Glen Canyon behind I pulled in to Natural Bridges and rode around the park, snapping pictures of the rock formations as I went. I didn’t get to hike down to any of the lower viewing areas because, frankly, I didn’t trust my footing in motorcycle boots. I’m sure the views were incredible, and I’ll be back to do this again with better walking gear, but for now pictures from the overlooks had to do.

I rolled out of the park heading for Moab, UT, tonight’s destination. I’ve planned some time to really go though Arches tomorrow so I needed to press on tonight. The ride to Moab was even better, because even though I was out of the parks the scenery was still a feast for the eyes.

I arrived in Moab, got my hotel room for the next couple nights, and went over to The Moab Brewery for dinner and some very tasty, if low alcohol, brews.

Tomorrow, Arches…