2010 Road Trip – Day 14

After a good night’s sleep I got up, packed the camera gear, and grabbed some breakfast before going over to Arches National Park for a day of hiking and photography. The park is beautiful, a feast for the eyes, and just a real pleasure to be in. I managed to get to most of the points of interest that I’d planned on before the heat started beating me down. At that point I was guzzling Gatorade from the backpack and choosing not to hike except for important-to-me sights. I got to see the North and South Windows, Balancing Rock, Turret Arch, Delicate Arch, and a lot more. This is somewhere I’ll be coming back to when the weather’s a little cooler and I’ve got better hiking gear. Traipsing around on sandstone ledges in motorcycle boots is really not the best of ideas.

When I’d ridden all of the roads in the park, I started back for the hotel, stopping off to mail a post card to Reese and fill the bike’s tank. After cooling down and doing some school work, I made my way back over to The Moab Brewery for a burger and some more excellent beers.

Tomorrow, Santa Fe…