2010 Road Trip – Day 15

Definitely on the homeward leg now. I checked the tire pressure (perfect) and oil level (a little low), got breakfast, and started down the road to Santa Fe. The ride was pretty uneventful, taking me through southern Utah, the southwest corner of Colorado, and finally New Mexico. I crossed the continental divide on US-84 in New Mexico but didn’t stop to take a picture as I noticed the sign as I rode by. My first stop on arriving in Santa Fe was the local BMW dealer to pick up replacement o-rings for my oil filler cap. It’s been leaking since Seattle, nothing serious, just annoying. After that I checked in at the hotel and unloaded the bike, then walked down to Horseman’s Haven for dinner. The green chile was as tasty and hot as I remembered, nicely scorching my face. I’ll be back for breakfast for sure!