2010 Road Trip – Day 4

I got up early this morning and headed over to the local O’Reilly to see about the headlight. They loaned me a meter which I used to confirm that the stock connector did in fact have power. So after purchasing and installing a halogen bulb and doing some minor modifications to ensure that the HID ballast was completely disconnected, I hit the road for the border crossing in Portal, ND.

Crossing in to Canada was a lot different than the last time, in 1994. I had to go inside and went through a rather thorough interview, including financial data and names and phone numbers of friends I’m planning on staying with in British Columbia. After they were satisfied I got on SK-39 to Regina, SK. The weather was better, with much less wind to fight, but it was cool enough that I contemplated turning on the heated jacked liner. I arrived at the hotel in Regina at about 2:30 PM, got checked in and unloaded the bike before heading over to the RCMP Heritage Centre. It’s a nice museum with lots of really good exhibits covering the entire history of the RCMP.

After that I grabbed some dinner and settled in to review the route to Calgary tomorrow.