2010 Road Trip – Day 5

A chilly Canadian morning greeted me as I packed the bike back up for the ride to Calgary. I skipped the hotel’s free breakfast for a visit to Tim Hortons for some coffee and Timbits. It was well worth the trip.

Following my caffeine and fried dough detour I got on Highway 1 and headed for Calgary. The ride was pretty uneventful, mostly just miles and miles of cultivated fields. I did have to dodge some rain through western Saskatchewan, but stayed mostly dry. The bike’s odometer rolled over 60,000 miles on the outskirts of Calgary.

The one bit of excitement, if you can call it that, was getting pulled over for speeding coming in to Calgary. It was totally my fault, I missed the sign indicating that the speed limit had dropped from 110 kph to 70(!) kph. The cop was good though and let me go with a stern talking to and a good set of directions to help me avoid the city center and find a hotel.

Dinner was some tasty barbecue at Big T’s BBQ where I also enjoyed a really good beer from Big Rock Brewery, a local brewery.

I’m heading off to bed now, tomorrow is going to be interesting. I’ll be in Banff for the next two days being a complete tourist.