2015 Christmas Cruise – Day 2

The cruise’s first port of call is at Princess Cays, Princess’s private section of Elutheria Island in the Bahamas. There are no port facilities here, so we had to tender in using the ship’s lifeboats. That was interesting, and it was good to see them actually used. This is a beach stop, and not much more, but we still got off the ship, walked around a bit, and did some shopping. I turned the phone back on to do an Untappd check-in at one of the many bars. LTE wasn’t available, but the 3G service was speedy enough to get the job done. We headed back to the ship to relax before dinner. Sorry, note taking has failed already, no report on what was for dinner. It was delicious, but I’m in vacation mode now. After dinner we went topside to get our walking in. We’ve set a goal of at least 10,000 steps per day, as measured by our Fitbits, in order to offset some of the food we’ll be eating.

Heather and I on Princess Cays during our Christmas cruise

Heather and I on Princess Cays