2015 Christmas Cruise – Day 3

This was our first sea day, which meant relaxation was the theme. We didn’t do too much except for exploring. Today was also the first time for the Pub Lunch, something Princess does on at least one sea day of every cruise. The pub serves traditional British pub food, such as fish and chips, bangers and mash, and pudding. I had one of the Seawitch IPAs with my fish and chips. Princess has teamed up with some craft breweries, including Strike Brewing Company to make a variety of craft beers that are exclusively available on their ships. They’ve also got a red ale that I’m going to try before the end of the cruise. I stopped by the jewelry shop and bought a watch I’d been looking at. It’ll go nicely with our formal wear.

Sea days also mean formal nights for dinner. We always bring our formal wear, my kilts and Heather’s dresses, because it’s fun getting dressed up for dinner. Tonight was special because we planned to make up for a mistake we made during our wedding. We spent so much time getting pictures with our families and friends that we got no pictures of just the two of us. And that’s not our photographer’s fault, he really did try, but we just wouldn’t play along. So we packed the formal wear we wore for the wedding and wore it tonight. Heather’s wedding dress is a traditional Indian outfit, and is quite beautiful if I do say so myself. While we were taking pictures, Heather got some help with her dupata thanks to a random Indian lady, which was much appreciated. So hopefully the pictures turn out well.

After dinner, we stopped off at Crooners to listen to Perry sing. Some of our dinner mates insisted on us waiting because Perry loves men in kilts. He was definitely amused, and does put on a good show. Following that, we returned to our cabin and changed back in to normal clothes before heading topside to get to our step goals before turning in for the night.