I’ve been looking for some Mac based brewing software for a while now and have finally found a good one. My needs are pretty simple, I just want something that will let me keep track of my recipes and batches and will help me design new recipes.

BeerAlchemy fits the bill and then some. It does all of that and also will keep track of supplies such as hops, grains, adjuncts, etc. Plus you can enter all of the data on the fermentation of an individual batch, including which mash you used, and more.

One of the more interested part of the program is the water calculations. It allows you to enter in the data about your local water and then helps you figure out the right mix of additives to get it to be like one of the waters used by famous breweries. I’ve got to call the city’s water lab to get the info on Lewisville’s water and then I can start making better beer.