I Bought A Kilt At The Irish Festival

I took off a few hours this afternoon and headed over to Fair Park to check out the North Texas Irish Festival. I’ve missed it for the last few years and finally jumped at the chance to go.

There were a number of great vendors there, including two who I have bought artwork off of in the past. I have a photograph by Jeffrey Lance Gottesman and a print by Brad W. Foster of Jabberwocky Graphix already on my walls and it was nice to finally meet the artists.

After that I found the Utilikilts booth and got fitted for my first kilt. I’ve been wanting to buy one for a while now but really wanted to get fitted instead of guessing, and it was a good thing that I did because the sizing is different enough from pants sizing to make a difference. I picked up one of the Survival models because of all the extra cargo capacity. The fit and finish on it are great, and while I didn’t wear it there due to how cold it was, I’ve got plans…