Fun At The Fort Worth Zoo

It’s Vulpine’s birthday, and as such the birthday boy got to decide what to do so we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. I packed the camera gear and got some pretty good shots, especially in the parakeet enclosure. After that we went over to Jerry’s place for cake and amusements.

Super Bowl Sunday

I had a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl, and even though the Pats lost, it was still a good evening. Good friends, buffalo burgers, homebrew, and some good scotch makes for a great way to spend an evening.

I Bought A Kilt At The Irish Festival

I took off a few hours this afternoon and headed over to Fair Park to check out the North Texas Irish Festival. I’ve missed it for the last few years and finally jumped at the chance to go.

There were a number of great vendors there, including two who I have bought artwork off of in the past. I have a photograph by Jeffrey Lance Gottesman and a print by Brad W. Foster of Jabberwocky Graphix already on my walls and it was nice to finally meet the artists.

After that I found the Utilikilts booth and got fitted for my first kilt. I’ve been wanting to buy one for a while now but really wanted to get fitted instead of guessing, and it was a good thing that I did because the sizing is different enough from pants sizing to make a difference. I picked up one of the Survival models because of all the extra cargo capacity. The fit and finish on it are great, and while I didn’t wear it there due to how cold it was, I’ve got plans…

The State Fair Of Texas

I took a personal day today and went to the State Fair. It was my first trip out and while I’ll probably go again, it won’t be for a few years. Fair Park is pretty cool though, with lots of Art Deco buildings to see. I had to have one of the original Fletcher’s Corny Dogs, which was good. I also tried the fried Coca-Cola, which wasn’t.

The most memorable part of the day was the butterflies at the botanical gardens exhibit. I’ve got some really good pictures of them that I’m going to enter in the photography competetion for next year’s fair.

Take a look at them over in the gallery.

The Superbowl

As you’re probably aware today is Superbowl Sunday. I had a few people over for a party, grilled up some brats, and sat back to watch the commercials and the game. It wasn’t the most impressive game, I was expecting a little more intensity, but it was good to see that the Steelers won.

Keep Krystell’s Top Up

So Krystell’s Miata got broken in to a few weeks ago. They slashed the top in order to open the doors. Her radio got taken and a few other things. So the Ufies passed the hat and picked up a replacement top for her which we gave her at a party tonight. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her completely at a loss for words. It was a very good time.

Scarborough Faire

I finally got a free day to take a trip down to Scarborough Faire, a renaissance festival in Waxahachie. It was a lot of fun, as usual. The guys at The Mud Show did a pretty funny take on Dante’s Inferno. This was also the first time I sat down to watch Hey Nunnie Nunnie!‘s act. It was hilarious, and per Alex’s request there are a couple CD’s bound for South Carolina.

I picked up a couple pieces of wall art to start covering up some of the bare walls at the house. The first one is a piece titled Defiance by LA Williams. The second one is a small celtic style print from Gutenburg Press (no website).

It’s a great way to spend a Satuday or Sunday so go if you get the chance!

Birthday Party

I don’t usually write about work related stuff, kind of a personal rule, but this is more social than work related. I went to Pappadeaux for my boss’s 50th birthday party. Much fun was had, the crawfish etouffee was excellent, the beer was cold, and there were plenty of over the hill cracks made at his expense. All in all a good night.

Superbowl Party

We had a pretty good turnout at Casa Patricio for the North Texas Netscum (and others) Superbowl party. Red and Rusty, Waco and Mouse, Dave and Marylin Cole, Bill Gilmore, Alex, and Jay turned out for an evening of commercial watching. The New England Patriots won, yay!

I’m kind of let down though, the commercials weren’t as good as last year. I guess the “wardrobe malfunction” scared them off. Combine that with the fact that only about half of them were actually shot in 16×9 High Definition made it less than memorable.