Bolivar Cigars

Up In Smoke had a tasting of the Bolivar cigars from General Cigar today. I tried out one of the Toro (6.5″ x 52) sized offerings. It’s a rich, full bodied smoke with a cool, even burn. I really enjoyed it and added a couple to the humidor.

A Good Scotch and a Good Cigar

After the week from hell I needed to unwind a little so I spent most of the evening sitting in my back yard drinking a well deserved Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish scotch. A couple friends of mine turned me on to this at a biker gathering a couple years ago. It’s a lot smoother than the Laphroaig that I usually drink, but the port wood finish really makes this a smooth drinker. The flavors were an excellent match for the medium sized El Credito Apprentice cigar that I picked out of the humidor. It’s a little smaller than my preferred size, but the draw was smooth, the smoke was thick, and it burned evenly and smoothly. I picked up a few different flavors, including leather and earth.

All in all, a good way to get over a rough week.

Genuine Pre Embargo Counterfeit Cubans

After a pretty bad day and as a treat for getting more of my paper done than I’d expected I sat down to enjoy one of these Genuine Pre Embargo Counterfeit Cubans that Tiger Bob gave me. It was a 1958 Gourmet Figurado, and was delicious. Smooth draw, a slightly uneven burn, but that’s OK. Flavors of berries and leather in the smoke. I’ve got one more in the humidor and will be looking to see if some show up on Cigar Bid.


My winning bids from Cigar Bid came in yesterday and I was shocked, shocked I say!, to find mold on one of the Puros Indios Maxima Reservas. Cigar Bid was extremely helpful, and is shipping me out a replacement 5 pack and a return label to ship the others back.

That’s good customer service.

Building A Coolerdor

I’ve started on the coolerdor for my cigars. It’s funny, all of the parts for this were bought at Wal Mart, for less than $20. A liter of propylene glycol, some wet floral foam, and a Ziplock plastic container. I’m doing the salt test to calibrate the hygrometer now and should be able to start storing cigars in the cooler in a few days.

JR Ultimate

I forgot to put this in this weekend. On the way back from Gilmer I tried out one of the JR Ultimate cigars that Tiger Bob gave me. This was a nice smoke, the draw was pretty easy and the flavors were great. The only down side was that I think this one was a little too loose, because about 2/3 of the way down it got really hot and I had to give up on it. I’ve got another and will be testing that one. Look for updates…

El Credito Apprentice

I’m finishing off a large El Credito Apprentice cigar as I type this and have to say that I’m very impressed. I understand that they’re “student” cigars, and this one has had a couple spots where it burned funky, but the draw and flavor are wonderful. Big clouds of smoke!

Winter in Texas

I love Texas winters. I’m sitting outside, enjoying an Ashton VSG Illusion and a Heineken. It’s been over 80 degrees for the past couple days here and while it’s going to cool off again, I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

A good friend of mine turned me on to the Ashton VSG‘s a couple years ago and I try to treat myself to one every so often. This one’s been sitting in the humidor for a couple months just waiting for an excuse. So I used it as a little motivation to get this week’s programming assignment completed early. That plus the good weather made a great excuse.