Judas Unchained

I finished Judas Unchained tonight. It was definitely a thick read, but worth the effort. It’s the sequel to Pandora’s Star, but even that’s not accurate. It’s more of a continuation than a sequel aince there’s almost no recap at the beginning and the story picks up right where Pandora’s Star left off.

It was a great book, I really liked the series and the universe created for it. The characters and situations were well designed. The heroes weren’t larger than life, and definitely had their flaws. The resolution of the main conflict has left room for more development in that universe, especially since the war with the Primes has really thrown the civilization into turmoil. I can see, if not a civil war, definitely a lot of change as the effects of the lost planets and their temporally and physically displaced inhabitants and the uncovery of how badly the Starflyer’s agents messed things up set in. I’d certainly buy another book set in that universe.

Graduation Day

We got over to the US Airways Center for the 10:30 AM graduation ceremony. I had to separate and head up to the suites to meet up with other people from my degree program. That was fun, I met some great people and had a lot of fun getting to know them. I decorated my cap with a small, stuffed armadillo which I’ve had for years. It was a hit and got lots of comments.

The ceremony was great. I’m really glad I got a chance to walk, it was definitely an experience I would have regretted missing out on. Now I’ve got two more weeks of school and I’ll really have a diploma instead of a rolled up piece of paper.

In Phoenix For Graduation

I flew out to Phoenix for the graduation ceremonies. I really wanted to attend graduation because I really do feel that I’ve worked hard enough to earn the right to walk across that stage. I’ve got 2.5 weeks left in my last class, so it’s not the “official” diploma receiving event, but it is a step in the process.

The weather looks like it’s going to be good this weekend, with temperatures in the low to mid 90’s instead of the 110+ degree heat they’ve been having.

Today is just getting settled in at the hotel, The Resort Suites Scottsdale. They’ve got free WiFi in all the rooms so I’ll be able to keep up with school assignments. My mom also flew in to meet me and watch me walk, which was nice.

We’re getting together with a local Slug at a Chinese restaurant for dinner tonight. I’m looking forward to that!

Leaving Nokia

Well, I turned in my resignation today. I’ve decided to move on for a few reasons. I’ve found a new position which will keep me challenged and get me back to what I enjoy doing, namely system administration. There’s also a nice boost in pay and a chance for advancement that’s been lacking at the current job. Everyone’s a bit on the surprised side, but that’s to be expected.

It’s been a good run here, but I definitely felt myself heading down a path I didn’t want to be on.


I lucked in on macZOT a few days ago and bought in on their mystery ZOT beeing offered at the time. I got the apps today and am really pleased with all of them. If you’ve got a Mac and are looking for random software bargains, please take a look at them!

I’m a Fonero

I signed up for the Fon Wireless deal a few weeks back and the router just came in today. It’s now up and running, with a SID of FON_stjeanp (I’m probably going to change that to something which actually indicates that it’s an open access point). I’m playing around with the revenue sharing side of their program now, but might switch it over to the no pay/free access side later.

Beemster Graskaas

I was at Central Market today and found some of the Beemster Graskaas gouda that they’ve been bragging about. It’s a limited production gouda from Holland and it really is everything they’re talking about. Get over there and pick you up a chunk, there were only 2000 wheels made, period, and only half of them are being sold here.

The Last Class

I’m starting GEN/480 today, what they’re calling the Interdisciplinary Capstone course. Based on my course completion information and everything else it looks like I’ve satisfied every other requirement for graduation, so I’ve got five weeks of class to finish and then I’ll finally have the Bachelor’s degree that I’ve been working on for so long. I’m excited to be so close but am starting to have to fight a little short timer’s syndrome here. Five more weeks…

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

I got to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie today, at the Harkins theater over in Southlake. The Ciné Capri is, without a doubt, the best place to see a movie in the DFW area. The screen and soundsystem are just incredible.

So, on to the movie. Don’t expect to go see it if you don’t have the goings on from the first one clear in your mind. There is almost no recapping done, so you’ll be lost. It was a fun movie, and a little longer than usual for recent Hollywood fare. It definitely left everything open to the forthcoming sequel as well.

Jack Sparrow’s gotten himself in another mess, this time with a debt to Davy Jones which he’s trying to avoid being called in. Dodging cannibals, giant squids, and crewmen turned sea creatures keeps the action lively and the movie’s pace flowing nicely.

And make sure you stick around for the credits, there’s more fun when they’re done.

The Straight Razor Is A Bust

I just don’t have the coordination and dexterity to shave with a straight razor. So I headed down to The Art of Shaving and picked up a Merkur double edged safety razor and some spare blades. Today was the first day to try it out and I’ve found my razor. No nicks, no razor burn, and a better, closer shave than I’ve ever gotten with an electric.