School’s out

Yesterday was the final day of class for me. It was a long night trying to get the last of the team projects turned in and with UOP’s news servers acting a little flakey it was an interesting night. CMGT410 (Project Planning and Implementation) is done, now I’ve got two weeks off and then I start on POS370 (Programming Concepts). That’s going to be interesting considering I was a professional C developer in another life.

She’s out of surgery

Well, she’s home and sleeping off the anesthesia. They put in a plate and some screws but didn’t have to work on the tibia or screw the tibia and fibula together due to some of the ligament damage they’d seen. The prognosis is good, three or four weeks on crutches and then a transition to a walking boot.

Try explaining a broken leg and surgery to a two year old. He’s a good little guy, but just isn’t old enough to understand why mommy’s in bed.

My wife broke her leg

My wife fell this morning and broke her leg. She’s got an oblique fracture of her left fibula just above the ankle. The silver lining is that Reese and I are spending a lot more time together because she really can’t chase after him on crutches. I think we’re going to go to Texas Towers tomorrow to pick up some small parts for the hamshack rebuild. It’ll give her a break for a few hours.