What Centuty Is This?

This post over on Breda‘s blog popped up yesterday, and it’s taken me a day or so to digest it and come up with a somewhat intelligent response instead of just calling his intelligence, parentage, and sanity into question.

Seriously.  I’d hoped we were adults enough to understand a few simple concepts.  First, you don’t use someone’s creative output without permission.  You.  Just.  Don’t.  Second, regardless of where said subject exists on the attractiveness spectrum, whether it be on the “face that launched a thousand ships” side or on the “OMGWTFKILLITWITHFIRE!!!!1!!1eleventy!” side, you don’t post said creative output with the title “<person’s name> porn”.  That’s just tacky, and really isn’t doing the rest of us who genuinely want to see more people from the Two X Chromosome set out at the range any favors.  Third, if you choose to disregard points first and second, be an adult when (not if) you get called out on it.  Responses like “I knew girls like you in High School, but I thought they all grew up.” will only get you the kind of attention that you don’t want.  In fact, they’re more likely to get you on the list of People I Don’t Associate With.

Congratulations, gunmart.blogspot.com.  You just won the enmity of a good chunk of the on-line shooting community.  Good luck digging yourself out of that hole.