Amtrak Fail

So I just got a call that my Amtrak trip up to see Reese, leaving tomorrow, has been canceled. And there are no seats on any trains until the day I was originally going to be returning. Oh, the fun of booking last minute plane tickets. But on the bright side, I did get flights booked that get me in and out at around the same times I’d planned for with the train, so I’ll still have the same amount of time with Reese. I just hate last minute disruptions like that.

The Coolest Birthday Gift Ever

For my birthday, my darling wife picked me up what has to be the best birthday present I’ve gotten so far. It’s a plaque with a picture of Fenway Park and a plastic container holding some actual dirt from the ballpark. It’s so freaking cool! Totally made my day. After that, we headed out to the Old Monk for dinner and some good beer. Happy Birthday to me indeed!