Flooring Argh

I went up to the Home Depot to pick up enough planks for Reese’s room only to find out that the style’s been discontinued. So back home to get the trailer and over to another store that had enough planks for the entire upstairs. That trailer really came in handy hauling 32 boxes of flooring planks home. They’re in the garage now, waiting for time to get the rooms done. After that was done I went back up to pick up a new barbecue grill and also brought home enough ceiling fans to replace all of the ones in the house. Yay home improvements!

A Mite Bit Of A Problem

Looks like I brought back some unwanted guests from Gilmer. I went to the doctor after having a bunch of what look like chicken pox like itchy bumps pop up. Turns out to be some sort of mite that hitched a ride. I’m washing everything in hot water, drying on high, steaming everything, and have some topical insecticide to use. Hopefully that’ll clear things up.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Reese, my mom, and I went down to Southlake to see the latest Harry Potter film. He did really well, enjoyed it and only jumped twice (once that I knew but he said another one so…). The movie was great, then had to leave some stuff off, but that’s to be expected when adapting a book of this size to film. I’m really looking forward to the last films.

Reese Is On His Way Home

I dropped Reese and my mom off at the airport today, sending them on their way to Peoria. It’s sad to see him go, but we had a good couple weeks and I’m looking forward having him down again. There’s a lot we didn’t get to do and he’s just plain fun to have around!

Reese’s First Trip To The Range

We met up with my Godfather to take Reese out to Quail Creek for his first shooting trip. I’ve been going over the basics of safety and marksmanship for a while now and Alex took over for the practical side because he’s a lot better than I am at that. Reese did very, very well. Most shots on paper at 7 yards, and no flinching at all. We didn’t stay too long because of the heat, but it was a very productive and fun time.

Gilmer – Day 2

We got up, grabbed some breakfast, and got back over to BMRA for a morning of wheeling. We met up with one of our fellow Lone Star Jeep Club members for some trails. We re-did a few of the ones we did yesterday and also found a couple more we hadn’t done. We didn’t have many problems, just had to pick better lines for the lower ground-clearance JK. We headed out at around lunch time, stopping to find a geocache near by. After lunch we drove back home and relaxed for the evening.

Gilmer – Day 1

We packed up the Jeep and hit the road for Gilmer for a couple days of off-road fun at Barnwell Mountain Recreational Area. We stayed on the easier trails, but after all the rain, some of the 2s are closer to 3s. Reese was a little worried about some of the off-camber situations and the hills, but by the end of the day he was laughing and asking for more!

Team Of Rivals

I decided that it’d be good to branch out a little from the fiction side of the world and picked up this book based on a number of recommendations. It was definitely worth the read, though it’s a long book. I learned a lot about what went on during Lincoln’s administration and the society during the Civil War. Do yourself a favor and pick this one up. It’s worth the time…

Office Redo – Part 5

The installers showed up this morning and got the new floor put down faster than I thought two guys should have been able to. It looks great! I’ve got the desk put together, and will be moving the computers and stuff back in tomorrow. It doesn’t look like I’ll be done before Reese gets here so I’m going to have him help me do the last bits when we get back in town on Sunday.