Joined The Evil Black Rifle Club

I went over to the FFL to pick up my AR-15 today. I guess I’m now a member of the Evil Black Rifle Club, but I’m really happy to have my membership card. It’s a Stag Arms 2L, a fully left handed 16″ barrel AR-15. I’m just about done buying right handed guns when there are left handed options out there, even if they cost more. Stag got my business because they’ve really committed to selling quality left handed AR variants, and while lefties only amount to about 10 percent of the population, I’m really happy they do. A range report will follow…

Snake Agent

I picked this one up a while back on a friend’s recommendation and due to the general insanity of life lately I just finished reading it. It’s the first book in Liz Williams’s Detective Inspector Chen series and I really like the concept. It’s somewhat similar to the Dresden Files and Diana Tregarde series but is set a hemisphere away, in a client city of a near future China. The Chinese mythos really made it a fun read, and I’ll be picking up the rest of the books in the series when the rather tall to-be-read stack gets a little shorter.

A Little Range Time

Alex and I got out to the range at Bass Pro Shops this evening and got to try out the LCP. It’s definitely not something that I’ll be taking to the range to go plinking regularly, but it’s definitely accurate and ate all of the ammo I fed it, both the Fiocci and MagTech ball and the Golden Saber hollow points, without a single misfeed.

I also ran four mags of .40 ball through the M&P for some extra practice. I’m definitely a little rusty, the groups aren’t as tight as they should be. Need to get out there a little more often…

I’m Provisionally A Graduate Student

I got the packet in the mail yesterday, but it was late and I was tired so I didn’t open it until today. I’ve been provisionally admitted to the MS in MIS program at The University of Illinois at Springfield and will be starting classes in the Spring 2009 semester. I’ve got two deficiencies to take, an accounting and an operations management class, and then I’ve got to get GRE scores submitted. While I was at Half Price Books yesterday I found a current Kaplan GRE test prep book and am going to try to devote a little time every evening to study through November. I’m going to take the test in December…

Fun At The Fort Worth Zoo

It’s Vulpine’s birthday, and as such the birthday boy got to decide what to do so we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. I packed the camera gear and got some pretty good shots, especially in the parakeet enclosure. After that we went over to Jerry’s place for cake and amusements.

Rejetting Jezebel

We just got back from picking up some new jets at American Eagle and set to work bumping up to a 48 pilot and 180 main. The pilot went in without a hitch but the main wasn’t right. It looked like a Dynojet jet instead of the stock Keihin jet, so after rummaging around in my spares I found a 180 main and emulsion tube and just replaced the whole thing. We then took the bikes for a little ride to see if it made a different and according to Ms. Red it’s a lot better. The real test will be her ride home, but I’ve got high hopes that things will be better…

Red’s In Town

I got a phone call this afternoon from Red, saying she’s in San Antonio picking up her bike(!) and that she’s heading up to the Metromess and needs a place to stay. Well, she got in at about 10:30 tonight and is settling in.

Planted The Garlic

I just got in from working in the garden, getting the garlic planted. Thanks to the folks over at Gourmet Garlic Gardens there are now 11 Siberian, 10 Georgia Crystal, 18 Polish White, and 23 Duganski cloves in the ground. Time will tell on how many actually come up, but if I get more than two of each it’s self sustaining.