The Phantom Of The Opera

Last night I got together with the Ufies for dinner and a movie and got talked into going to see The Phantom Of The Opera, which I wasn’t too keen on because I’m not really a fan of musicals, at least not after having Grease rammed down my pop culture throat. But, I was pleasantly surprised, this was a great movie. It really wasn’t a musical, it was more of a Broadway production that got filmed. All in all a good time was had, even if I didn’t get to bed until 3:00 in the morning.

10-10 QSLing

Well, I just finished filling out 40 QSL cards and sent them off to the Ten-Ten QSL bureau. That’s all of them to date, so now I’m almost caught up with just a few DX cards to send out.

If the shoe fits…

I finally got back to Bikes, Inc. and got the cleats attached to my shoes this morning. This is really going to be a learning curve, and I think I’m going to have to tweak the clips to release a little easier. I almost fell over trying to get my foot out during the test ride!

Saturn and M42

I set up the telescopes this evening before I realized that there was a full moon, but still managed to get a little stargazing in. There were some high, thin clouds that really smudged out M42, but it was still visible, but barely, with the 8″. I then turned over to Saturn, which looked really good in the 8″, but to really appreciate it I went to the higher magnifications that the ETX-90 could provide. All-in-all not too bad for the back yard and a full moon.

Yay Christmas!

So this is Christmas…

I called Joi and it sounded like Reese had a good Christmas. He got a lot of stuff and didn’t want to stop playing long enough to get dressed so that they could go out. I’m going to try calling tomorrow to talk to him for a little while.

Darleen and Mitch were up to spend part of the day here before heading to Arkansas. We did the gift thing just before they left and I scored! I got three more Calphalon pans to add to my set, a pair of frying pans and a bigger, deeper fryer. The set’s coming together, and now it’s on to the sautee pans.

Mitch liked the Harley shirt and Darleen liked her locket, so a good Christmas was had by all.

After all the fun I took a little nap and then headed over to a friend’s place for a Christmas dinner, which was fun. We did a small gift swap, and apparently someone hinted at what I like because I picked up a Primus DVD and CD and a box of cigars. Yay me!

The Incredibles

I went out today to see The Incredibles. It definitely lived up to the high standards that Pixar has set. Fun for all ages, and definitely one to add to your home collection when it comes out on DVD.

A new digital camera

Well, I’ve been waffling about whether or not to buy a Digital Rebel, and finally made up my mind that I should pick up a point-and-shoot instead, that way I can spend the difference on a few lenses for the 35mm SLR. So, I went out today and picked up a Fujifilm FinePix E550. It’s a 6.3 megapixel, 4x optical zoom unit, and what’s even better is that it’ll appear as a USB mass storage device to my Linux box, so I’ll be able to pull the JPEGs off without dealing with a Windows box.

So, look for some pics to start showing up in here now that I’ve got something decent to take them with.

New jacket

I stopped by Moto Liberty today to look for a new cold weather jacket. The zipper on my current leather jacket, which I’ve had for somewhere around 6 years, has given up the ghost, and won’t stay zipped for the bottom 5 inches. So I started looking at Joe Rocket’s winter offerings since I’ve already got a summer jacket from them, and had pretty much made up my mind about my purchase. The only thing was that I didn’t want to buy the jacket on-line without being able to try it on first. So I started calling around to local dealers and got Matt West over at Moto Liberty who convinced me to come in and look around. I did, and I found a Fieldsheer textile jacket with armor and a nice warm liner on closeout for just a little more than it would have cost to get all of the repairs on my old jacket done. Now I can start riding again!

If you’re looking for some gear, I’d strongly suggest that you check out Moto Liberty, they treated me right and the price was certainly reasonable.