King Tour-Pak For The Road Glide – Part 1

Heather and I drove down to Horny Toad Harley-Davidson to pick up the King Tour-Pak I had ordered. The drive down was mostly uneventful, except for the car fire we passed in the opposite direction, not far from the dealership. We got all the boxes loaded up, including the Tour-Pak, a gloss black detachable mounting rack, the correctly keyed lockset, the passenger backrest, and locking detachable clamps, and hit the road for home. Remember that car fire? Well, by the time we left, it had backed up I-35 for a few miles and was getting worse, so we decided to try some back roads to avoid the mess. That worked out well, and we got back to the house in a reasonable amount of time.

And that’s where this becomes part 1 of many. It’s my fault, I should have opened the boxes at the dealership, just to verify that everything was ok. But we were in a hurry, and the boxes were all straight from Harley-Davidson, so what could possibly go wrong? Well… The Tour-Pak isn’t painted correctly. It is Vivid Black, like the label on the box said, but unfortunately, it’s missing the pin striping which the same label says should be on it. So I called the dealership back, and they’re going to ping Harley-Davidson on Monday to see what went wrong and get me the correct Tour-Pak.