Upstairs Bathroom Renovations Are Done (For Now…)

The tile’s been put down and grouted and today Heather and I cleaned up the grout and fixed the toilet.  It wasn’t too tough to get it all put back together, though there was some fun getting everything lined up right.  I really hate working with those wax rings.  We had to take the tank back off because the supplied foam washer/gasket was not up to the task.  A quick trip to Home Depot and I had an extra-thick one in hand.  No more leaks and I’ve got a working toilet upstairs again.

Oh and the tile looks great!

Suppressing The .22 And The AR

I’ve started the paperwork to bring a couple suppressors home.

The first one is a Silencerco Sparrow so that Reese won’t have to worry about hearing protection while we work on his basic marksmanship with .22 pistols and rifles.  He had a rough time with earmuffs and eye protection last time we went out to the range, so this can only help.

The other one is a Gemtech TREK for my AR platform.  That one’s not going to have as much sound reduction as the .22 will, but it will make it more manageable, especially for Reese.  My goal is to get him moved up to the AR, provided he shows improvement with the .22s.

Ordered My Second Kilt

I placed the order for my second Kilt today.  I’ve settled on the 5 yard traditional in Texas Bluebonnet tartan from USA Kilts.  I’m not sure when it’s going to be in, but pictures will follow.  They’re estimating 6 to 10 weeks, but for a hand made, traditional kilt, I’m ok with waiting.  Maybe.  The jonesing has definitely started!

The Eagle

Heather and I met a couple friends out at Harkins – Southlake to go see The Eagle.  It’s a story of a son trying to redeem his father’s honor (not to mention Rome’s) by recovering the IX Legion’s lost standard.  There are definitely some historical inaccuracies, and the plot was a little predictable in places, but it was still a lot of fun.  It’d be nice to see some more historical dramas like this, instead of everything being set in Elizabethan or Victorian times…

Flogging Molly

I kilted up and made my way down to The House of Blues – Dallas to catch Flogging Molly again.  I met up with a friend from work, but he had a ticket for standing room/floor and I had a seat up in the balcony area.  The show was great, as I’ve come to expect, and while they played their classics, the new stuff was really good too.  I’ll be picking that album up once it’s available.

The only down side to the night was that I lost my drivers license, probably while buying beers.  I guess I’ll wait and see if anyone turns it in, otherwise I’ll have to brave the DMV to get a replacement.