Thanksgiving – Day 2

We got up, grabbed some breakfast at the hotel, packed the car back up in the bitter cold, and started north, heading for Peoria. Again, the drive was pretty uneventful, with not much more than gas and food stops until we got in. We drove straight over to Joi and Reese’s place to pick him up, then went over to Granite City for some food, and then over to the hotel to get some rest before the drive to Louisville.

Thanksgiving – Day 1

Heather and I are heading to Peoria to pick up Reese and then drive to Louisville, Kentucky for Thanksgiving. Whit the road after work, driving up to McAlister, Oklahoma, our stopping point for today. It’s not much, but it shaves enough off that we’ll be able to get to Peoria tomorrow without running ourselves into the ground. The drive was pretty uneventful, even though we’d just finished dealing with another ice storm. The roads were mostly clear, with just a few small patches of ice that caused no problems. We snagged a little dinner then got settled in to the hotel room for the night.