The First Wrenching On The Road Glide

Reese and I did the first bit of wrenching on the Road Glide this morning by installing the Smart Siren II (Harley part numberĀ 68328-06A). It wasn’t much, but it was enough to start getting familiar with the bike. I wanted to install thisĀ module to enhance the functionality of the factory security system that the bike came with. This is the first stage of the upgrades, as it gives me the ability to use a remote pager for notifications, which will be nice when I’m on a road trip.

Installation was very simple, though I did mess up the steps and set the alarm off because I didn’t pull the main fuse at the right time. After correcting that, I continued to mess things up by installing the module upside-down. Trust me, it should slide right in to the cavity designated for it. If it doesn’t, flip the darned thing over and try again. It’s not a friction fit, it really will snap in. Learn from my fail.

So, after doing all of that wrong and fixing it, it was done and functioning. The bike now chirps when arming and disarming, and will alarm if someone tries to move it when it’s armed.