Got The Rear Tire Mounted And A Test Ride

Two Wheel World finally got my rear tire in and I went down after work to get it mounted up. I kept the old rear as it has some life left in it, just not enough for the upcoming road trip. When I got back I mounted it back up to the bike, got all the bolts torqued down, and dropped it off the center stand for a test ride. The new tires definitely change the feel of the bike. It’s more responsive in curves and easier to get heeled over. I’m now just about ready for the June road trip!

Ordered New Tires For The BMW

Getting ready for the June road trip and needed to put new tires on the bike. I’ve got another set of the Bridgestone Battlax tires which are already on it. The front wheel’s coming off and will be done first since Two Wheel World says that they can get it in tomorrow. The rear’s going to take a couple more days…

The New Front Tire Is Mounted

I got the wheel put back on the bike today and took it out for a test ride. It’s amazing how much better the bike handles when it’s got a fresh tire on there! Very impressive. Almost ready for the June road trip. I’ve got the rear taken off and am waiting for it to come in. Then a brake bleed and an alternator belt replacement and I’m good to go!

Done With Operations Management

I turned in my final exam for the Operations Management class today and hopefully I did well enough on it to keep my final grade up. I’m definitely a little uneasy about this class, but at this point, it’s out of my hands.

Final Grades For Spring 2009 Are In

The final grades for the Spring 2009 semester were posted and I did a little better than I thought I would. I got A-minuses in both classes, so now I guess I’m fully admitted and can get to work on the graduate classes starting in the fall.

Done With Accounting

Well, I finished my final and I’m on the cusp between an A and a B in the class. I’m happy with it, the class was good, I learned a lot about accounting that I hadn’t been exposed to. In fact, I learned enough to know that it’s not a career field I ever want to get in to.

One class to go, then I get the summer off…