The Server Migration Is Mostly Done

After having to troubleshoot an outage while in Iowa I started looking around for a good dedicated hosting provider. Thanks to some great recommendations from friends I’ve got a dedicated server at Sprocket Networks up and running. DNS has been moved, databases synced, all web content transferred, etc. It’s alive and kicking. All I’ve got left are a couple scripts, one to keep my mail safe via off-site backups, and some additional security measures. But at least now everything’s on real server hardware in a real datacenter.

2010 Birthday Ride – Day 4

The home stretch, the last few hundred miles. Unfortunately, the weather just wasn’t going to cooperate. I got just south of Muskogee, OK and the skies opened up. While putting on my rain suit one of the legs blew out, so it was a soggy ride. I finally got out from under the rain just outside of Durant, OK. I was completely dried out by the time I got home, a little after 5:00.

I carried a Spot Personal Messenger on the ride and saved the route off. You can see it here.

2010 Birthday Ride – Day 3

I hit the road for home today, with a few stops along the way. First I stopped by UI-Springfield to spend a little money at the bookstore. After that I putted down to St. Louis and popped in to Gateway BMW. After I grabbed some lunch I made my way over to the BMWMOA headquarters to say hi. They were really busy getting ready for the Redmond Rally but took the time to show me around. After that I got back on the highway and made my way down to Joplin, MO, my stopping point for the day.


When we woke up it was raining, so we went out to get some breakfast and watched the weather radar hoping for a break to get over to the park. Luckily the weather cooperated and we got over there a little before 11:00. We made a beeline for the roller coasters, just in case the weather didn’t cooperate. The Tornado was as fun as ever, and I got to take Reese on The Dragon, their steel track, looping coaster. He loved it. We got to do a few more rides that he was too small for the last time we were there. After a return trip to the coasters we headed back to the hotel, and just in time because the skies opened up as soon as we were in.

The Karate Kid

Reese and I went out to see The Karate Kid remake today. It was enjoyable fluff, mostly the same plot line as the original, just updated for today. I probably wouldn’t have gone to see it on my own, but the company made it fun.

2010 Birthday Ride – Day 2

After a good night’s sleep and some breakfast I hit the road for Peoria. The weather was hot, hot, hot, and getting stuck in traffic stinks. I had to tear down the shoulder just north of St. Louis because the bike was about to overheat, then bushwhack on some back roads to get back to I-55. It all worked out but added a bit of a delay to the trip. I finally pulled in to Peoria at around 5:00, just about when Joi and Reese got home. It was good to see Reese again!

2010 Birthday Ride – Day 1

I hit the road today, riding up to Springfield, MO on the first leg of the ride up to Peoria for Reese’s birthday fun. The bike performed great, no problems with anything but the Zumo. For some reason every route recalculation forced it to shut off. Since I already had my route planned out it was no big deal. I’ll mess with it when I get to Peoria.