First Baseball Game

We took Reese to his first baseball game tonight. We got a late start out because of Joi’s new job, but we only missed the first inning. The little guy did really well, but was getting a little cranky by the 8th inning, not too bad considering that was an hour and a half past his bedtime. So we deicded to take off with the score at Oakland 4 Texas 1. By the time we got to the car (we were really far out) the Rangers had scored and taken the lead. We’re thinking we were the jinxes and shouldn’t be going to any more games.

Crashing Sucks

So I get a call from my stepmother. It seems that on the way home she locked the rear wheel in some sand and went down. It was a low speed crash and she wasn’t injured until she turned to look for the other bike. The twisting broke her leg in three places. She’s going in for surgery tomorrow and will be tested for osteoporosis as well.

I’m really kinda bummed out about this…

Having a bad day

So I get home from work, eat some dinner, then head out to the DCARA meeting. I get in the Jeep and try to start it. No luck, dead battery. OK, fine. I take the bike, it’s really not a big deal.

When I get up to Denton and am locking up the bike I notice that the left rear turn signal is hanging by it’s wire. This isn’t good. So I look at it, try to fix it, and realize that all of the threads inside the turn signal assembly have been stripped off. I guess after 7 years something had to die. So I taped it up and will buy a new one tomorrow. It just sucks because the weather’s been cooler than a Texas July should be and it’s really nice riding weather.

I’m just not having good luck withe the vehicles today…


Well, I took the Experienced Rider Course today over at the Honda center in Irving. It was a blast! I really had to take it to keep the insurance discount, but it was well worth the money. Plus, Harley is going to reimburse me $50 of the class cost ($75 total).

We had six people in the group, and were pretty well split in half based on skill level. But nobody dropped their bikes!

It’s a really good way to spend a Saturday and you just might learn something that keeps you alive.