Picked Up The LCP Today

After Liturgy I went down to the FFL to pick up the LCP. The transfer was absolutely painless and it’s home with me. In first impressions, it’s VERY light, small, but seems well built. The trigger pull is very long, but the concealed hammer is nice. I’m looking forward to a trip to the range to run a hundred rounds or so through it. Probably later on this week. Now I’ve got to find a couple holsters…

Ordered An LCP

Well, since they’re so hard to find locally, I scanned through the GunBroker.com and found a seller, selling new ones with a bonus extra magazine at a good price. It’s been ordered and I’m working on the FFL transfer stuff now.


…or adventures in motorcycle maintenance. I went out to the BMW club’s tech day to get some regular maintenance done. It was a busy day with a really good turnout and I definitely got some help learning how to do the work. The summary was that I got the oil, transmission, and final drive fluids changed, new spark plugs, new air filter, valves adjusted, and throttle bodies synced. The alternator belt replacement didn’t go so well, and I ran out of time so didn’t go after the fuel filter or the brake/clutch bleeding.

Things I learned were that there are some special tools which I need to buy, but other than that the work isn’t that hard, just time consuming and tedious.

Going Back To School Again

I just finished filling out my application for grad school at The University of Illinois at Springfield. I’m going back to work on a Masters degree in Management Information Systems and will be doing my course of study on-line. I chose UIS because of the on-line program, as my work and personal schedule do not make it easy to attend classes in a traditional classroom environment. I’m hoping to be taking classes starting in the Spring 2009 semester. Now I’ve got to get transcripts mailed out and start studying for the GRE.

Flogging Molly

I just got back from the Flogging Molly show out at the House of Blues in Dallas. The opening acts weren’t that good, but I didn’t really care, because I wasn’t there to see them. The band put on a great show, playing some really good music. We got a few songs from the new album and some of the fan favorites. I’ve got to say, they’re as good live as they are on albums, which says good things about them. I’m definitely going to be picking up tickets the next time they come through town.

Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

Today was busy. After church I got started making the spaghetti sauce. 10 pounds of fresh tomatoes, some canned ones, a bunch of herbs and spices, some fresh from the garden onions, and a bunch of time later and I’ve got six quarts of spaghetti sauce. Three are without onions for a friend who is allergic and three are “normal”. The house smells like an Italian restaurant and the mason jars are cooling from their stay in the boiling water bath. Yay for homemade sauces!

More Parts Shopping

This morning’s adventure was going out to the BMW club’s breakfast and then over to the Fort Worth dealer to pick up the fluids and alternator belt I need for the 48k service. It was an interesting drive, and yes, I didn’t ride, because of the remnants of Ike moving up into Texas. We missed most of it because the track stayed east, but I still had to deal with a lot of wind and some rain. I’ve now got engine oil, gear oil, and an alternator belt, so if I’ve missed something it’s probably minor and can be done later.

Donating Blood

After work today I went over to the local Carter Blood Care office to donate blood. I don’t know if it’s being civic minded, just wanting to do something for the general good, or what, but I wanted to do it. The process was pretty painless, just one little stick. But I learned something important. Make sure you’ve had a good meal beforehand, if not you run the risk of passing out and getting a lot more attention than you’d wanted…

My next visit is already scheduled and I will be going, just with a full belly instead of a light snack…

Got My Olympics Shirt

A co-worker has family in Beijing and was out there for the Olympic Games. He was kind enough to pick up a shirt for me. Very cool stuff, and yes, I know I’m easy to please.