Diving At Lake Murray In Oklahoma

This month’s Diver’s Day Out was at Lake Murray State Park up in Oklahoma. It was an uneventful drive up, only about an hour and a half north of here. I was pretty early, and so got to help set up some of the equipment for the students. Because of all of the rain we’ve been having, visibility was terrible and the visibility was as close to zero as it could have been.

Thanks to the terrible visibility, three of us buddied up and did a short wall dive while holding on to each other so as to not get separated. The water was cold, cold, cold, and what little I could see was rocks covered in zebra mussels. Those things are nasty, and will cut your hands up if you aren’t careful. Thoroughly chilled, we surfaced and got changed in to dry clothes. There would be no second dive today. Instead, we hung out, chatting while we cooked and ate some lunch before heading home. I did have one treat on the way back, I got to feed the Jeep some ethanol free gas. Mileage was a lot better thanks to that.

And that’s how I learned why it’s called Lake Murky!