Not Dying Server!

On some good advice I shut down the machine and ran Memtest86+ on it. As I suspected there were failures in the tests, so I started pulling modules and testing one at a time to see if I could isolate it. I wasn’t able to reproduce the errors at all, even when installing both modules as before, so I’m not sure what to think. But I’m going to watch the system and see what happens. If it really was just a bad connection that reseating the RAM modules fixed then I’m not going to have to spend money to build up a new server. And that’s a Very Good Thing.

Dying Server

I’ve been experiencing pretty regular kernel oops’es on my main Linux box, the one that hosts this blog among other things. I’m thinking it’s bad RAM, but I’m hesitant to spend $100 to replace the RAM in an older machine. So I’m thinking of building a new server based around an Athlon 64 processor. I’m going to check the latest Fry’s Electronics sales ads to see if there are any good deals to be had.

Throwing In The Towel

I gave up, between the motorcycle trip, the hot summer, and now me being down, recovering from this appendectomy I gave up on being able to maintain my own lawn. I found a company via Google, believe it or not, whose rates are reasonable. So if you’re in the DFW area and need a lawn service, take a look at All Around Lawns.

On a side note, I’m feeling better, it’s not as painful as it was and I’m moving around a little easier. I’m really looking forward to taking a shower tomorrow. I could have today but I decided to give it one more day just in case.

Hey Liberals, What About This?

This was taken from SCOTUSblog:

In a 7-2 decision, the Court ruled that local governments have no constitutional duty to protect from private violence an individual who is shielded by a court’s restraining order. Such individuals do not gain an enforceable interest in that protection, the Court declared in an opinion by Justice Scalia. The case was Town of Castle Rock v. Gonzales (04-278).

So basically, don’t expect the cops to help you out when your estranged husband kidnaps your children and ultimately kills them. That restraining order doesn’t mean a thing to them.

Here’s how you enforce a restraining order.

Lords of the Middle Dark

This is the first book in the Rings of the Master series by Jack L. Chalker. It’s been sitting on my nightstand with about 20 pages to go since before I left for the motorcycle trip and since I’m not doing much now I thought it’d be a good idea to finish it. I’ve read other books written by him and have enjoyed every one of them. This one was no exception. The character development is great, the plot is deep, with a few different plotlines that do eventually meet, but it doesn’t make it hard to follow before they do. I’ve got the other books in the series here and will be starting them in order. Look for more updates as I finish them…

I’m Home

My surgeon said that as long as I was able to eat normal food for lunch and dinner I could go home. So for lunch I had pot roast and mashed potatoes. It was OK, but it stayed down and didn’t cause trouble. For dinner I had a stuffed bell pepper and mixed veggies. Also no problems, so they let me go. It’s really good to be home, and once I finish typing this I’m going to take a Vicodin and go to sleep. My abdomen’s still a little tender.

And I got a pleasant surprise. My mom’s flying out from Rhode Island to help out for a while. It’s going to be nice to see her and it’ll be good to have someone around just in case I need some help.


So I got home from Krystell’s party with a small twinge in my abdomen which I just chalked up to my Ulcerative Colitis being a little flaky. Well, by 1:00 AM I was sweating and throwing up and that twinge was getting worse. I went in to my GP’s office at 8:45 and they immediately sent me over to the ER to get checked. Well, it turned out that I did have appendicits and was scheduled for surgery to remove that pesky little thing. I’m feeling a lot better now, but am still a little sore from the surgery, though it’s not nearly as bad as it was when my now ex-appendix was acting up.

Keep Krystell’s Top Up

So Krystell’s Miata got broken in to a few weeks ago. They slashed the top in order to open the doors. Her radio got taken and a few other things. So the Ufies passed the hat and picked up a replacement top for her which we gave her at a party tonight. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her completely at a loss for words. It was a very good time.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I went to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith tonight. It was a great movie, really tongue in cheek with some funny one-liners. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have some really good on-screen chemistry. Definitely worth the price of admission.

The Great Tattoo Hunt

I’ve been planning on adding a dragon to my arm to mark my trip to Deal’s Gap, and had my mind set on working Deal’s Gap‘s dragon in, but I’m starting to think that it’s just not going to look good mixed in with the celtic motif I’ve started on that arm. So I’m back to the drawing board again. I wish my drawing skills were better, I’ve got a good picture of what I want but I’m not good enough to draw it.