Moving To IMAP

I’m so far behind the times. I’ve been using Pine to read my mail since 1993. Well, I decided that enough was enough and have gotten an IMAP server running and moved my mailboxes around (I’m not ditching the procmail rules, I’m not that daring!). After that all that was left was to get an IMAP client running, and the list was pretty short, with Mozilla‘s Thunderbird winning.

The really cool thing is that with the IMAP server I can access the mailboxes from anywhere without having to establish an interactive login session on the server.

A Little Solar Observing

I managed to get the PST out for a little while this afternoon. No digital imaging this time, but I did give a go to doing some film shots. No luck, I couldn’t get it to come to focus with my 2x barlow so I might try to find a 3x barlow because the consensus on the PST list is that that’s the one I need.

There was one really nice prominence at almost due north with some smaller loops other nice formations along the northwest side. There were also some good looking filaments on the disc that ought to look really good when they rotate off.

Building The New Laptop

I got the laptop back with an XP Pro image on it at lunch, now comes the fun of putting everything back on it. First thing to go on was Firefox! It looks like I’m going to be having a fun evening watching SciFi and reinstalling software.

XP’s nice, and as soon as I disabled the default theme it got a little zippier. We’ll see how it goes over the weekend…

Getting Ready For The Rebuild

Windows XP’s finally caught up with me. The company’s ditching their Windows 2000 installations, and I’ve been dodging the upgrade for a while. No longer, so now it’s time to clean off the data and turn it in. I hadn’t realized just how much cruft it collected over the last few years. But at least it’ll have a supported operating system as of tomorrow.

Blood Rites

Now that school’s over for a week I’ve started back on my reading. I polished off Blood Rites, the sixth book in the Dresden Files series, tonight. Harry’s gotten himself in a real bind with new family members and the ongoing war with the vampire courts. The ending’s gotten me curious about how the next book’s going to turn out. Mr. Butcher’s got a good series going here…

POS/410 Is Over

Tonight was the final day of my last database course, POS/410. I’ve got a week off and then I start in on networking and telecommunications. Nine more classes to go until I get my degree!

RoughRiders Baseball

I got to go to a Frisco RoughRiders baseball game today. It was a real treat, they’ve got a beautiful park, and I don’t think there’s really a bad seat in the house. The game was good, and Frisco won 10-7 over Midland. Parking was cheap, there was no traffic to fight when I left, and the ticket prices are extremely reasonable. This is what baseball should be.

Not Bad RAM

After reading Corsair’s forums it looks like the stability problems I’ve been having might be because of a low RAM voltage. I’ve been running the RAM in a single channel configuration, sacrificing a bunch of memory bandwidth for stability. So this morning I powered down, moved back to a dual channel config and increased the RAM voltage by 0.1 volts. So far it’s been stable. We’ll see how well it goes over the weekend.