Buffalo Wild Wings

I went down to the Lewisville location for dinner tonight because I’ve been craving wings since the surgery. It was pretty good, I tried the spicy garlic and thai flavors. The spicy garlic was pretty good, the thai wasn’t all that memorable. I’m not sure they’re as good as Wing Stop but their menu is a little more varied, so if you’re with someone who doesn’t want wings, they’ll have a better chance of finding something to eat.

Death Masks

And today I chewed through Death Masks, the fifth book in the Dresden Files series. Harry definitely got himself in a bind with the Red Court and some serious baddies who want to use the Shroud of Turin to do some nasty stuff to humanity. And Harry’s girlfriend’s back in town…

Summer Knight

Now that I finished the Harry Potter book, I got back to Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series. In Summer Knight, Harry (no relation) is dealing with the results of a deal made years ago and gets wrapped up in some seriously bad goings on between the wizards, vampires, and faeries.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I finished it today and really do dislike this book. It’s not that it was badly written, it’s not that it was an unworthy successor to the previous books. It’s just that I was expecting something else. I’m not going to post any spoilers here, so this is going to stay generic, but Book 7 had better be a little lighter. On a brighter note, Harry wasn’t nearly as petulant as he was before. He’s obviously growing into the role fate has set out for him.

Now I’ve got two more years to wait!

Batman Begins

I went to see Batman Begins this afternoon. It was a really good retelling of the Batman story. And when I say retelling, I mean it. It’s a lot darker, much less of a kids comic book style than the previous movies. There were a few quirks, some cheesy lines, but overall a very good movie.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

My copy came in the mail today and as soon as I finished my school work I started on it. First impressions, it’s smaller than The Order of the Phoenix and Alex found a typo on page 10 that I completely read past without noticing it. I’m about 1/3 of the way through and I’m not going to post any spoilers, but it’s good.

SciFriday’s Back

The SciFi Channel had their season openers of Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica tonight. Other than a burp in my Tivo which got corrected, I got to see all of them.

The new SG-1 has some potential. It’s nice to see some new faces, and I think that Ben Browder is going to be a good addition. I always liked him in Farscape. And I hate cliffhanger endings, regardless of whether they’re at the end of a season or at the end of an episode!

Atlantis picked up where the season 1 finale left off and has started wrapping up those plots well, but I’m still wondering what’s going to happen the first time the Wraith run into some Atlantis personnel. Are they going to come back?

Galactica’s just as great as it was last season. They’re really doing a good job of not pressing the magic reset button at the end of each episode. It’s refreshing to see a story arc thought of in seasons instead of episodes. Baltar’s losing it and the humans on Caprica are in a real mess. Tune in next week…

Grave Peril

I’ve been in a reading mood and with a little time here and a little time there I managed to get through Grave Peril, the third book in the Dresden Files series. This one picks up a little less than a year after the events in Fool Moon and seems to be setting up a bit of a story arc as opposed to the previous two books which were while not exactly stand-alones, definitely less tightly related. Vampires, demons, and ghosts, oh my!

The Fantastic Four

Because of all of the surgery related downtime I’m a little behind on my movie watching, so tonight was the first night of catchup. The Fantastic Four was great! A lot better than the last attempt at it, which was never released (even though you can find a VHS of it if you look hard enough).

Things that stood out in my mind:

Dr. Doom’s descent into evil was done a lot better than Anakin’s!
Ben Grimm/The Thing – Michael Chiklis did a really good job with the reluctant hero.
The special effects – outstanding and believable for a comic book universe.

This movie was well worth the price of admission and will have a place on my shelf when the DVD comes out.